About The Wanderer

My parents moved a lot when I was very young. I lived in three states, five cities/towns and six houses before the age of five. They haven’t moved since. I have.

A year in Spain; four years at college in Moorhead, MN, with a month in Mexico, another traipsing around (North) Western Europe, and a semester in Greece; nearly five years on my own in St. Paul; and then I moved to Alaska. My first four years in Anchorage, the longest I stayed anywhere was eight months.

I know that God has more wanderings in plan for me, I just have no idea where they might take me. It should be interesting. I’m also quite happy to know that no matter where my wandering soul takes me, God sees me as Someone Worth Dying For.

Beyond wandering, I spread my time between tutoring students in Math and Spanish, immersing myself in stories (kids’ books mostly, but occasionally I read grown up books, too), working at my own stories, and finding various other forms of employment to help pay the bills, like inventories and filing taxes.


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