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The Plan

The plan was/is to post about some Wandering Feet on the first Friday, a Wandering Mind on the second, review a Wandering Book on the third, and take you to a Wandering Kitchen on the fourth Friday of each month. I’ll figure out something fun for the four fifth Fridays as well.

Obviously, I’ve already fallen behind. I’m not too worried about it, because there aren’t a ton of people expecting a post at a certain time just yet, but I still want to get back to that schedule. If I don’t get the book review finished by Monday, then I’ll skip that one for January, because the post for next Friday was ready the day I created the blog.

Up Next: What’s in a Name? will be posting later this morning.


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Fever Delay

Question: What do I get for telling a student that I never get sick, other than one bad cold a year?

Answer: A fever.

Most people still wouldn’t consider it much, as it only lasted one night, but that was one warm cocoon I wrapped up in after choir. And it certainly wasted my Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Oh, and those overnight hours happen to be my most productive, generally.

So, while I hoped to have the first regular post up today, it will probably wait until Monday.

At least I sent my short story to the editor on Tuesday, rather than waiting until the last minute on Thursday.

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